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One of the most unbearable schools in america. Westborough high school is populated with your run of the mill kids. the teachers enforce every rule known to the school, and inability to follow these rules will result in retarded punishment that doesn't match the "crime". The freshmen and sophmore principal a.k.a biggest asshole of all time, feels he can do whatever the fuck he wants whenever he wants with a big ass creepy grin on his face. you'll usually see him with a clip board trying to look important, while stalking girls in the hallway. The teachers at westborough high school hold the students to a way higher standard then other schools in the area because 50% of the students in Westborough high school are Asian and get A's all the time. Drugs are the only thing that will help most kids make it through the unbearable experiance of the terrible high school, and there are plenty of them, if you know where to look. with the exception of a couple faculty members, the entire school is run by complete assholes, and most kids cant wait to get the fuck out of this terrible school and all the douchebags who work there.
Joe: Do you like the teachers at Westborough High School?

Steve: No, I fucking hate all of them
#worst #school #ever #dont #go
by Blasturbator May 12, 2010
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