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When a girl is cuddling with her guy while watching something (TV, a movie, ect) at the same time, he'll hold her in a way where she can't see the TV, but he still can. Or, he'll put his head on her chest (like a pillow) to watch the show. The guy tries to multitask, and does everything he can to be able to see the TV AND cuddle.

The guy is paying more attention to the TV than the girl.

Generally it does not work out well.
Girl 1: "I wasn't feeling well, and all I wanted was to snuggle up next to him. He wasn't even paying attention to me, no matter what cuddling position we were in, he always made sure he could see the TV!"
Girl 2: "ugh. I HATE Man-Cuddling!"
by BlastthoseADsAllie February 04, 2010

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