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Talveer is an amazing guy, he would make the perfect boyfriend. At times he may act a bit crazy but thats what you will love about him. A Talveer has dark brown loving eyes and lips that are gentle to the touch. Talveers are very outgoing and always know how to have a good time. Talveer's listen to a variety of different music and really enjoys Harry Potter movies. 99% of Talveers are Sihk and are from indian, either they are born their or their families are. Most Talveers get along with the female species called Sabrina .99% of them actually start to date and become very happy together.
Girl1: Wow, I wish I could have met Talveer.

Girl2: Well haven't you heard? Talveers are only compatible with Sabrina's....

Girl1: I wish I could be a Sabrina....
#amazing #wonderful #fantastic #handsome #perfect
by Blastoff321 November 24, 2009
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