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3 definitions by Blargman

When someone bites someone else's neck, from the fact that the "original" Dracula was from Romania (NOT Transylvania).
Guy #1: "man, that girl just gave me a romanian kiss!"

Guy #2: "Ouch!"
by Blargman March 23, 2007
80 54
A dog that someone has gotten just to look good and/or a very goodlooking dog.
Guy #1: "Hey man, look at that girl's leash candy."
Guy #2: "Yeah, that is one handsome Golden Retreiver!"
by Blargman March 05, 2007
3 1
when you have a child with someone you are intimate with, just you aren't married.
"Hey, look, it's Jesse carrying the illegintimate kid she had with Frank."
by Blargman April 30, 2007
2 4