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1. Someone who expresses a complete lack of common sense or intellegence. After an act of dipnut has been done others who see it are nearly required to point at the person who commited the act and say, loud enough for all those around to hear, "DIPNUT!" thus making the person feel bad about themselves.
1. That person just dipnutted all over the place, get a clean-up crew in here!
by BlArGh October 20, 2003
Double-Headed axe used by a juggslo to chop necks, backs, etc.
Weo got a double-headed axe we dubbed the wigsplitta
by Blargh July 09, 2003
Something you want to make when you're low on steak and there's nothing else around ot eat.
"Make yourself a dang quesadilla" - Napoleon Dynamite grandma
by blargh February 03, 2005
A quite new but kool girl and promising creator in Mugen community.
sup, Diz.
by Blargh August 08, 2003
1) A region north of New York City's suburbs. Essentially an extension of the Midwestern rustbelt, not that there's anything wrong with that other than the fact they're not exactly New York State's greatest economic asset. Its people have what is undoubtedly the world's worst inferiority complex; they hate being overshadowed by the City almost to the point of irrational hatred, when they might not have necessarily been there. Lovely places to observe nature like the Adirondacks and the Finger Lakes, but there aren't that many prominent resorts to enjoy it from. Most of the largish cities like Buffalo and Rochester are big manufacturing centers, but they're in relatively bad shape and need to be cleaned up (garbagewise and crimewise), revitalized, and repopulated.

2) The city and suburbs of Chicago, Illinois (aka Chicagoland). In this case, upstate is the heavily-urbanized part of the state, while downstate is more rural and dotted with smaller cities and towns.

3) Otherwise, the northern part of any socially or demographically divided state (Northern California, Seattle-area Washington, northern Texas, Florida panhandle, etc.)
1) downstate > upstate

2) upstate > downstate

3) no real opinion
by Blargh May 12, 2004
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