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a Sanky , is a group of very legit people originating from Constanta , Romania. They always doing legit stuff and they hate wannabes and they are making fun of them everytime , you can find them dressed very stylish , most of time having fun and partying also they are pretty hardcore.
guy 1: that group of people looks so legit and they are looking like having great fun
guy 2: ya ya , i'm sure they are that Sanky crew...
guy 3: so fucking rad.
by Blana13 December 24, 2013
a coconea is a magazan addict , a homemade drug that fucks you up , he can be found in Calinescu Highschool , he rolls his magazan joints at some classes like Romanian , Frecnch and at Education for health , you can find him hangin out with other magazan addicts like Paul Gayu and Ivan
Guy1: look at that kid somking his magazan joint
Guy2: yeah , he is such a coconea ttly.
by Blana13 December 02, 2013
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