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A person who cruises BBQ Forums, bragging about BBQ Competitions he never participated it, and about winning awards he never won; pushing everyone's buttons until he is eventually banned from the forum, at which point he will move to another forum and do the same. The Pit Pirate has a never-ending ego and can only begin sentences with the word "I". Says stuff like, "I'm Cook'n while yer just Internet Look'n!"
"You people in Texas don't know how to cook. All you cook is Brisket. I cooked brisket and came in first place the very first time. I am the Pit Pirate and I'm great and you are all stupid. I've won many BBQ Awards and my family says my BBQ is the best."

Contests entered: 2
Awards won: 1 (from a quarterly local newsletter)
by BlakeCannon December 07, 2006

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