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Elon University is a selective university in the southern United States for rich, snobby kids from the north. Elon University is only for the rich kids of CEO's and company presidents. Almost everyone is from old money. Elon is one of the preppiest schools in the country. Elon students sport Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Burberry, Prada and other expensive brands that only the privileged can afford. The girls are beautiful and dress up for their 8am classes. Even the slobs of the university would never be caught wearing pajamas to class. Elon's campus is like a country club. You will get to know almost everyone and will see them every day. Elon students thrive on gossip about money and who's dad bought them a new Italian villa. Most students have two or three homes, often in different countries. During the weekend students will be blackout drunk the entire time. Sandy's Bar is where students go clubbing near campus. BMWs, Mercedes and sports cars line the parking lot. Sometimes students forget which Land Rover is theirs.
"I go to Elon University. I am rich. I am better than you. I've got the money, the connections, the girls and the alcohol. Fuck the rest of you. You'll be working for me one day"
by Blake1723 January 29, 2009
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