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Anywhere north or east of the areas of NYC and Long Island. Contains The Great Escape theme park in the village of Lake George, Fun Spot in the city Queensbury, and Camp Chingachgook on the shores of Lake George. Has lots of wiggers in the Alvany metro area. Not many hicks. Very rural. Kind of like a mini version of North Dakota.
I live in Round Lake, a village in Upstate New York.
by Blahb December 26, 2004
Slang for pop music. Used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster.
Guy: I be listening to phat beats yo.
by Blahb April 15, 2005
1. The capital and largest city of West Virginia.
2. A big city in South Carolina.
ZOMG, i went to south carolina, and went to charleston. WOWZ
by Blahb December 26, 2004
A school that is part of Shenendehowa. Even though it's only an elementary school, it still has cliques.

Cliques include:

Popular kids: A bunch of immature snot nosed fuckwits who think they own everything in the school.

Goths: A bunch of kids who masturbate to Good Charlotte, whilst slitting their wrists.

Wiggers: A bunch of kids who are white, but they think they are black.

Weird kids/nerds: The group of kids who look normal, but act "weird" according to the popular kids. This the group I was placed in.

Normal kids: Nothing special about them.

The teachers are mainly nice, but one of the gym teachers owns a riced out Scion xB.

In short, it's an okay school. Not the best, but okay.
Chango is a school...............
by Blahb April 09, 2005
A bunch of kids who are popular at school. Usually very snotty and arrogant and call themselves either "PUNK" or "GANGSTAZ" and usually are white suburban kids who think they are black street kids. They usually go around with G-Unit shirts, "BLING BLING", acting "propa hard". They usually hate rock music "because it ain't gangsta like us". See popular and jock.
cool kid: yo yo yo foo i beat you up cuz you ain't gangsta and you a nerd yo.

A kid named Jake: Oh sure. Go ahead you big headed snot nosed bitch.
by Blahb April 08, 2005
1. A small economy car.

2. A car owned by high school jocks who put meaningless "mods" such as body kits, large exhaust pipe, powder blue/powder pink paint job, a huge spoiler, blue/pink neon lights on the chassis, Altezza tail lights, a huge subwoofer in the back so everyone can hear the jock's crappy rap CD playing, and last but not least, a prep (see: slut) in the shotgun seat.

me: No. It looks like shit and is gaudy as hell.
by Blahb April 22, 2005
1. Well known.
2. A person who is well known at Suchandsuch High/Suchandsuch Junior High. They can be arrogant, but some are really nice people. The arrogant pick on people because "they ain't pops like us" and hate rock "because it ain't gangsta like us". But the nice one will chat with you about pretty much anything. And some aren't obsessed with rap.
Example 1. Good Charlotte.

Example 2 (arrogant popular kid)boy: omg dat guy is not gangsta becuz he don't lyk gangsta muzik and don't drink alchol. girl: OMGZ!!!1111!!! BRAD PITT IZ ZO HOT I WANT TO HAVE MILLIONS OF HIS BABIES. Yay.
by Blahb March 08, 2005

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