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Hey all you fucktards out there! Seriously, cutting is a big thing if its for real. A cutter is someone who is going through too too much and has no way to deal with it, so they take it into their own hands. Or they've done so much and been through so much that they've numbed themselves to the pain. They feel dead. They're like walking shells of people, and they cut to see the blood and feel the pain that means they are ALIVE. Trust me...was one for a few years. Not the best way to cope, but some have no choice.

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Cutter - someone who cuts themselves to relieve emotional pain.
When my aunt died 4/17/05 and I was coerced into sex with a boy who was 16 and I was 13. When huffing no longer took the pain away, nor did drinking, I started cutting and became anorexic. I was a cutter.
by BlackxHeartxAngel January 19, 2006

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