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A huge wad of cum! So big you could lather a hairy buffalo with it.
I got a load big enough to Shampoo a Buffalo baby... and i'm saving it all for you!
by Blacksmith August 19, 2006
A term which describes a plump, meaty, and also hairy Vagina.
I would like to eat her Whisker Bisquit (doh!).
by Blacksmith August 17, 2006
Undigested niblets of corn found in ones stool. While Plopcorn is quite common in all humans, This phenomenoa is usually more pronounced in individuals suffering from ARD (Acid Reflux Disease) whom have been precribed a digestive-altering medication such as Nexium or Prevacid.
I'd wade through a river of snot then crawl across a field of broken glass just for a chance to eat the PlopCorn out of her shit!
by Blacksmith August 16, 2006
The act of stretching ones scrotum until it is so big, it looks like an elephants ear. This works really well for men in their 40's and above.
dude.. I met this chick at the Main St. Pub and we went back to my place and she started playing with my sack. dude... she gave me a wicked Elephant Ear! I didn't know my sack had that much skin on it!
by Blacksmith August 19, 2006
A term which describes the fleshy protusion of a females buttocks from her Daisy Dukes or skimpy shorts. The analogy is akin to smacking a can of refrigerated bisquits onto the coutertop and then already prepared bisquits burst of of the cans central opening.
Man... that Can O' Bisquits over there is giving me quite a boner!
by Blacksmith August 18, 2006
Seasoning a campfire marshmallow by wiping ones sweaty, pungent, or framunda laden gooch or taint until it is dry then serving it as a tasty treat.
While taking a walk on Canova Beach, David commented to Manny on his sudden craving for a snack with some twang... Manny suggested satisfying that craving with a Mushmallow, Melbourne style!
by Blacksmith August 12, 2006
Technically not a word per say but rather an acronym which has the correct forumulation of constanents and vowels to be spoken like a word. F.I.D.O.R.D translates to "Fornecation In Defiance Of Religious Dogma", or essentially fucking for the "HELL" of it.
After having the holy book thrown at them by Father McGillicutty, Mike and Tabby rushed home before their anger wore off, shedded their clothing, and engaged in absolute, primordial FIDORD.
by Blacksmith August 16, 2006

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