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The famous Dirtrod town located next to Horwich. You surely know you have entered Blackrod when you smell the fowelness of shit in your nose and tracktors roaming the streets, The famous two shops in Blackrod are the Spar and Johns Off Licence where the vermin of the citizens scavange for food. A typical Blackrod citizen is inbred with 6 fingers and a hunchback the most famous hunchback of Blackrod is known as Wobbler or (Creature) as Horwich calls him. Town Paedophiles are common in Blackrod and you will never see a car with the make of Ferrari, Lamborghini or Maserati if so this is because an outsider is lost and ended up in the shithole of the place. Blackrod technology is still in progress their latest invention is the sqaure wheel and the first carriage has 2 horse power.
by Blackrod April 28, 2011

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