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Stank ass pussy people been avoiding for 3+ years.
I was at the library see,
and this bitch with glasses was looking bored as fuck.
So I took the bitch to the bathroom for some book sex.
Bitch was rock'n the 3 year cheddar yo!

by Blackmailman February 14, 2010
Furious anger is attained when the "angry party" becomes so infuriated it causes all the ions in a porch sized radius to turn negative, preventing all those in range from speaking a known formal language.

Once this point is reached the angry party will likely breath loudly through their teeth and/or nose, periodically letting out an elongated groan resembling one given off during childbirth or during the dropping of a child-size dump.

Victims within the angry party's radius will often cower making high pitched Eeks or ear piercing squeals resembling that of a dying rabbit. Crawling or staggering away the victims will seek refuge outside the angry one's bloodthirsty beaming eyes, knowing, whether responsible for this furious anger or not, if distance is not gained they will be swallowed in a wave of furious anger.
"I set my facebook status to, 'Just got best Beej ever'. Her friends saw and furious anger ensued."
by Blackmailman February 24, 2010
A hangover so severe it continues into following day.
"I think I'm still hungover from Friday."

"Jesus... You have a hang-hangover?"

"Your words describe precisely that which I intended to express."
by Blackmailman February 24, 2010
Fucking at the library
I was about to get my book sex on, when I realized the bitch had 3 year cheddar!
by Blackmailman February 14, 2010
The dick sticking out of a woman's ass.
My rail tail is 7inches long.
by Blackmailman February 14, 2010
When the water level of a toilet is too high and/or your ball sack droops too low and your nuts splash into the toilet water.
When Mr.Jenson's old ass dropped onto the toilet his severe case of canon balls nearly gave him an enema.
by Blackmailman May 07, 2010
Those who read an argument on a forum or game.
SURFRIDER99, "Consider youself banned. I know the admin."

Tommyjenkens, "UMADBRO!?"

The onreaders teamed with glee, as if fists were about to be thrown.
by Blackmailman March 01, 2012

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