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it is the key that fits the lock of everybody's heart.
Christina: Smile!
Anthony: Why?
Christina: because it'll melt people's hearts.
by Blackflame619 December 24, 2008
When a group of girls are seemingly hot. But when a closer look is made, each individual is terribly ugly.
Man: Dude I'm going to go pick up one of those chicks.
Dude: No don't it's the cheerleader effect, they are all sick.
by Blackflame619 December 24, 2008
A holiday for all non-fathers around the world to celebrate being not a father. To celebrate that moment of happiness when your one-night stand says, "I'm not pregnant!"
First Lady: I'm not pregnant!
President: YES, I declare today NOT A FATHER'S DAY! Hooray!!!
by Blackflame619 January 13, 2009
The reciprocal opposite of <3.
Guy: I <B you all!
Girl: <B you too... asshole...
by Blackflame619 January 03, 2009
The moment when you find out one detail about a person that is going to be a deal breaker.
Girl: It's a promise ring, I made a pact to not have sex until I'm married.
Guy 1: Oh.
Guy 2: You've just experienced The Oh Moment.
by Blackflame619 January 30, 2009
When you try to 69, but there's a wall in the way.
I accidentally 619 last night instead of 69. Damn.
by Blackflame619 January 16, 2009
The most intense product you will ever buy.
by Blackflame619 February 04, 2009

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