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Angel's are often slutty. Enjoy giving blow jobs like handshakes. Often rude, and have an obnoxious ways of showing up wearing no clothes, when your boyfriend is around. Has giant titties.. and thinks they are smaller than yours, and goes braless 99.9 percent of the time. She also enjoys the love of both males and females. Although these flaws are present... she can still be a good friend and tae bo companion... and someone you can talk to at anytime. Always puts her hoes before bros.
Angel: Hey Johnny, you are hot,
*rubs Johnnys thigh*
Johhnny: Thanks Angel, nice to meet you.. woah, what are you doing..?
Angel: Suckin' your cock
Johnny: I can see down your shirt, your tits are huge and you are braless.
*phone rings*
Angel: Hello.... yes I will come over.
Johnny: Where you going?
Angel: My friend needs me.. tae bo time. L8er.
by Black Cianci May 05, 2009

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