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A slur used in America concerining persons of Arabian descent.
Osama Bin Laden is a major dune coon.
by Black March 02, 2005

1. An attractive couple that have money, fame and beauty yet are still universally hated by everyone.


1. A horrible combination that may ultimately bring about the apocalypse.
2. Combination of two things that seperately suck but when put together can achieve a level of sucking not understood by physics.
I got suckered into watching that bennifer movie and I started bleeding from the ears and eyes, which was a relief as then I couldn't see or hear the damn movie.
by Black August 01, 2003
A term originating in uptown New Orleans that, roots are in the sectioning of the city. New Orleans is sectioned in to wards and eventually this term wardy was used in referents to one who lives in a ward. But the span of the word has grown to include any and all people. It most used as a term of endearment to others or are just a way of addressing someone.
1)what's up wardy
2)wardy what you get in to
3)wardy I know you an't fucking playing with me
by black October 13, 2004
Beautiful and Graceful, with a nice smile ;)
that gurl is sooo fenny!
by black June 25, 2004
A sick motherf#cker who jizzes in peoples corn pops, jizzes on a piece of chocolate and eats it, cam on a toothbrush and brushed his teeth with it.......all of this on a webcam
Tim Adams is a fermented jew baby who cums on peoples microphones
by Black May 07, 2005
a cOoL and interesting girl who doesnt eat carrots and has a great sense of humor
fethat girl is such a fenny!
by black June 22, 2004
A guy that loves kids so much that he impregnates any female that will let him.
Kuff Kuff luv da' Kids!
by black March 14, 2003
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