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4 definitions by Bite it you scum

"Emo" in 1337 lite.
"3m0 5ux0r5 h4rdc0r3."
by Bite it you scum June 08, 2005
8 7
Thin in stature, having thin arms and/or legs.
"Yo bro, you got spindle shanks for arms!"
by bite it you scum June 27, 2005
2 2
To ride any vehicle (Bike, skateboard) off any vertical or near veritical cliff with the intention of landing smoothly on a transition.
Dude1: "I just dropped 20 feet to flat and broke my face!"
Dude2: "you suck!"
by Bite it you scum June 08, 2005
6 7
The Finest bourbon,I belive, ever distilled. Mix with coke and enjoy.
Woodstock is a fine piece of alcohol distilliry.
by Bite It You Scum September 03, 2005
15 36