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French spoken by the Quebecois. Regular French by all means except the pronunciation and some jargons, which makes the "regular" Frenchman feel lost in translation, Bill Murray style.

In fact so lost that movies starring Quebecois French speakers have subtitles for other French speakers in case they don't understand.
Quebecois French: Bonjour monsieur, comment allez-vous?

Other French speaker: Excusez-moi, je n'ai pas compris. Pouvez-vous repetez s'il vous plaît?

Quebcois French: *grumble*

Other French Speaker: *strokes beard while looking confused*
by Bisinski January 20, 2009
Paintball company that makes one of the best markers out there. The Angel, which has the fame of being high end on the same time being really reliable.
Although with the great quality comes great price.
Oh damn that Angel is ripping, check out that ROF.
by Bisinski March 27, 2005
dude, dood, pronounced as "jud"
So this djood and I invited Dr. Orloff and Captain Montilla to join the party, and after that there was a gang bang.
by Bisinski February 26, 2005

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