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Friday, TGIF
(noun)1) That much-longed-for day at the end of the week when even the simplest sentences, constructed with the smallest words, require far more thought that you are capable of giving them in order to comprehend their meaning. 2) The day of the week preceding Saturday, and following Thursday,in a work week you can't even imagine reliving for fear of jeopardizing your current mental health. 3) A day, typically the day that ends a 5-day, 80-hour work week, that oh-so-eloquently describes the current state of your brain, your state of mind, etc.
1) I couldn't think of a good example for the entry my friends urged me to enter in the Urban Dictionary this Fried-day, after I spent the entire week overloading what little gray matter I have left with work-related craziness.
by Biogeekette September 15, 2006

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