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Buckvas is a ubiquitous term used to both communicate and humor. Specifically it's meaning is derived from Gujarati / Hindi origins. In those languages it has one literal denotation - nonsense. However its connotations and their meanings contain a larger range of definition depending on the level aggression employed in its delivery. The definition can range from 'irrelevant' to 'bullsh*t', depending on its use in context. This variability translates in the use of "buckvas" into the English language as well. It is an ambiguous term and its true meaning is revealed through regular use and the subjective "feel" associated with it. It is not meant to be offensive!
Dr. Buckvas gave me the wrong treatment!

This treatment is buckvas, I do not feel better.

Primary Care Physicians must do a lot of buckvas for their patients.

"I dunno, I may just join some random buckvas specialty when I graduate" -Student Doctor Buckvas.
by Biochemster July 22, 2009
Tomorrow + night = tomite, or tomight (spelling variation)
Hey dude, what are you doing tomite? wanna check out DocOpera?

Hey girl, I'm taking you out for dancing and drinks tomite! When should I pick you up?
by biochemster December 09, 2010

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