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A prostitute who is very cheap because of either her stupidity or her ugliness.
"I'd go out with her on a date, but she looks like a 5 dolla ho!"
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
A place that nobody wants to be, either because it's boring, or it's just plain stupid.
I dropped out of school because I lived in the asshole of the world.
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
April 21st, the day after 420, when you can do anything except steal things.
On Lobster Day, I went out and bought some seafood, because I have holiday spirit!!!
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
One who has given up on love, relationships, and sex because of problems in their past, or to find better things in their life to do.
After my mother's 3rd marriage, she decided that it was time to be an antisexual.
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
Slang for "Hagerstown", it is a small, hick city in Western Maryland, notorious for being small, and culturally unprepared for changes. The teenagers of "H-Town" are very embarrased of living here, and thus, most try to make a change for the better, while some sit on their ass and shoot deer for fun.
Rappa G-Fizzle: I live in da Ghetto, yo! What 'bout choo?
Wigger: I live in H-Town, the asshole of the world...
Rappa G-Fizzle: Aaw! Dat's whack!
by Billy Yesko May 13, 2006
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