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An enormous ball of pubes, impossible to untangle, scabs are optional.
Someone definitely werewolfed the urinal at that last truckstop... There's a pubiks cube floating in there.
by Billy McGee August 08, 2008
An insult meaning pathetic or obnoxious person. Same as insults like "Dickhead".
"He's such a Fucking knob"
"Go kill yourself"(reply) "your such a fucking knob"
by Billy Mcgee August 10, 2011
Fucking my family paradox, The theory you can never get too close to someone who is having sex with a member of your family because of the expected akwardness. Also can be used as fucking my sister paradox or fucking my mother paradox.
Friend 1: My Sister's boyfriend keeps trying to be my best friend.

Friend 2: So what's wrong with that?

Friend 1: FMF paradox man, it's too awkward.
by Billy Mcgee February 19, 2014
A little baby doggy, also see cumpuppy
Oh man, that fucking diglet ate my hot dog!
by Billy McGee December 16, 2003

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