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The term refers to an action taken on by a hotel guest or a party guest.

1. When a hotel guest leaves the room and takes everything with them: soap, towels, amenities, ice bucket, pillows - anything specifically not bolted down or too heavy for one person to carry. A hotel guest that is given food and beverage amenities and takes them all is a good example.

2. When a party guest is invited to someone's house and takes with them a miniscule party favor. Then they begin to eat five plates of food that other guests brought and they take a to go box with them when they leave the party.
Hotel General Manager: "Let's go check out that VIP room that we had all of those special amenities sent to."

Rooms Division Manager: " I already did, the dude Browned us. I thought Room Service already took out the amenity tray, but even the plates got Browned."
by Billy Glide June 06, 2009
A punch bunny is a really hot girl who doesn't have a boyfriend: the reason why is because she is so stupid you can really only do one thing with her, punch it - and leave it. IE - a playboy bunny.
Friend: "Who was that girl you took home the other night, that blonde with the huge tits and great turd cutter?"

Answer:"I have no idea. Sex was great, but then she started talking. Another dumb punch bunny."
by Billy Glide June 03, 2009
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