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see saburban hell
by billy bob October 09, 2003
A person in charge who is a giant fucking pussy, a boss that you hate. see pussyfart, fucktard, stinkpalm
That damn wing king thinks he has the biggest balls on the planet.
by billy bob February 09, 2003
another name for marijuana; used when an individual uses a bag of chips to conceal marijuana on school premises.
"hey, i got some more chips"
"damn, them are some goooood ships"
by Billy Bob December 12, 2002
During intercourse, one takes out a baseball bat and rams it into the anus, ad=nd when the bitch screams, take it out and knock her ass out.
I gave my grandma the grand slam yesterday.
by billy bob February 05, 2003
A small wannabe hick town, where everyone is obessesed with dressing like a cowboy, and driving a pickup, when half of the town has no idea what a cowboy is.
wannabe cowboy, "I need me a new pair of carhartt's, ive been wearin dis set fer damn der 4 years strainght"

cool guy, "you faggot, you must be from Port Angeles."
by Billy Bob January 15, 2005
utterly ridiculous and inconceivable
Yo, this shiznit is redonkulus.
by Billy Bob October 03, 2004
Courtney hackers ugly face, also means whore
man coutney is chappa
man that girl is chappa
by billy bob April 11, 2005

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