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originally the sound Link makes as he swings his sword in the Legend of Zelda; the word has now come to mean almost anything; it can be used as "hello", "goodbye", "what's up?" or even, "that shiznit is wack"
Jon: Yo what's up?
Brandon: Aya sheya!!!
by Billy Bob October 03, 2004
A short girl that smells like cabbage.
Its a bird, its a plane, its a Nethery.
by billy bob September 07, 2004
a white suburban kid who thinks he is under the misconception that he is "gangsta"
Look at that white kid with the do-rag and fubu on....what a fucking yo.
by Billy Bob October 30, 2003
Fat ass kid from waverley college. AKA shit talker
nethery you fat crap
by billy bob February 21, 2005
they give sabber-tooth crotch crickets to every single guy they fuck, which is a lot!!
I saw Elly giving a nigger a sabber-tooth croth cricket at Wawa for the second time.....this week
by billy bob February 20, 2005
Moron. Big hands, big feet, small penis. HACC flunky. To have no friends. Some one who actually thinks being a Lord of the Rings nerd is cool.
what kind of a Maksin are you Carl?
by billy bob December 28, 2003
the cheesey substance formed around the male helmet
steven o'conell has a cheese rim
by billy bob May 14, 2003
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