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Stands For Other Peoples Pussy/Other Peoples Penis
It is asking the listener if he/she is willing to have sexual relations with a person who is known to already have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
"OPP For The Guys:It's sorta like another way to call a cat a kitten
It's five little letters that are missin' here"

"OPP For The Ladies:The first two letters are the same but the last is something
It's the longest, loveliest, lean-- I call it the leanest
It's another five letter word rhymin' with cleanest and meanest"
by Billy 101 July 13, 2008
Pre School Raps are simple lyrics anybody can think of.
The name says it all (Pre School Raps).
Wack Rhymes.
Pre School Raps:
"I like fish
on a dish"

"im rappin this song
while im hitting a bong"

Rap Rhymes:
"And my raps is unbelievable like aliens and flying sorcers
No more iron horses cause I'm buying porches."

"I'm looking nothing like your poppa
I wouldn't give a bitch 10 cent to put cheese on a whoppa"
by Billy 101 May 27, 2008
Acronym for "Compton's most wanted"
A Gangsta Rap group back in the 90's
with Aaron Tyler, Andre Manuel & MC Eiht
"Picked up the new CMW album!"
"oh for real, pop that shit in!"
by Billy 101 June 19, 2009
Parody and/or repeating the same lyrics in a song.
Its just a way for you to like the song.
ROL music gets boring real quick, In about a year.
Unlike other songs that dont repeat are listen for decades.
Roll Around Lyrics:
Shop Boyz - Party Like A Rock Star
Soulja Boy - Crank That
Fergie - Clumsy

Fast Kept Lyrics:
Big Daddy Kane - Ain't no half steppin
Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight
I.M.P - Frisco
by Billy 101 May 29, 2008

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