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the cheesey substance formed around the male helmet
steven o'conell has a cheese rim
by billy bob May 14, 2003
Very homosexual, queer, gay.
Mr. Yerxer was very gay.
by Billy Bob June 12, 2004
an eighth grader that likes to rape little girls that can probably kick the shit out of him like tara, lauren t.,and lauren r. . but the thing is that they like it because if they didnt thay would kick his ass.
damn that 4 year old is getting rapped by osacr q
by Billy Bob May 16, 2003
origin: Lauren Burr is a girl from the Jersey Shore that as the finest ass I have ever seen.

1)refers to a perfectly sized and shaped ass with perfect firmness, especially one a woman you could never get
Man! That Lauren has a perfect ass!
-Yeah, but she's a huge bitch. That ass is a Burr.
by Billy Bob December 14, 2004
A popular mating signal produced by human beings, often being very tall and wearing flamboyant cloths such as yellow coats. Can be shouted randomly, when excited, for no apparant reason what-so-ever, in conjunction with other words and when least suspected.
"Give me an OOF!!!"

by Billy Bob January 01, 2005
The Man and a big indian. also known as "ZUL".
yo zul stop hitting people with your sequoia you crazy indian.
by billy bob December 10, 2003
(adjective) To screw someone over.
(2.) something relatively tight fitting.
1. Damn, he skeeted me out of money.

2. That shirt on the dude was skeet.
by billy bob March 14, 2005

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