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4 definitions by Bill4935

Japanese phrase meaning "Oh, is that so?"
I don't know, imagine some stupid catgirl saying it to her friends to try to impress them.
by Bill4935 August 07, 2005
81 32
When you're at the hair salon, and the stylist brushes her boobs against your shoulder or ear, or if you're really lucky... knee.
Oh, man. My hair looks good, and also I think my shoulder got some!
by Bill4935 August 07, 2005
24 6
(v.) When a woman has sex with many different men, one at a time, in the same night. Usually, this involves short, unfulfilling sex, punctuated by the word, "Next!".
"Stiggs and I spent our summer pulling trains on cocktail waitresses." -The Utterly Monstrous, Mind-Roasting Summer of OC and Stiggs.
by Bill4935 May 24, 2005
28 11
The U.K., Britain, England. It's a mirror world, it's all done topsy-turvy over there. (From Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson)
"Look, they drive on the opposite side of the road, they eat food I wouldn't lace a rat trap with, and Judge Dredd was a box office hit. I call it the Mirror World. What would you call it?"
by Bill4935 June 27, 2007
3 1