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My generation's Justin Bieber. A kid who made shitty kid's music and 10-14 year old girls ate it up.
Kid when I was your age, I had Aaron Carter. Not Justin Bieber!
#teeny bopper #shit #pop music #disgrace #awful
by Bill the Patgoat November 18, 2010
A band from Canada that used to be good. But, sold out to Mainstream Radio and literally became the worst band ever.
Josh: Hey David can I play you a song?

David: Sure.

(Josh plays "Because of You")

David: These guys are good. Who are they?

Josh: You know that horrible band Nickelback?

David: This is them isn't it?

Josh: Yeah.

David: *pissed off face*
#nickelback #sell out #mainstream radio #shit #canada
by Bill the Patgoat October 24, 2010
It's a really great show on TLC, it's when "Ace of Cakes" meets "Jersey Shore".
Jimmy - "Did you see Cake Boss the other day?"

Mikey - "Yeah, the Big Wedding Cake was amazing!"

Jimmy - "I know right?!"
#cake boss #guido #jersey shore #ace of cakes #buddy
by Bill the Patgoat January 08, 2011
Hardest Riddle on the Internet.
I cannot get passed level 5 of Not Pron. It's that hard!
#not #pron #riddle #puzzle #hard
by Bill the Patgoat January 29, 2011
The best way I can put it is this. It's basically Japanese Glam Metal
Johnny: Hey want to listen to my Mötley Crüe CD?

Weeboo Kid: No that shit isn't kūru. Let's listen to Penicillin, Their music is so subarashii!

Johnny: Okay? That's Glam?

Weeboo Kid: No, It's Visual Kei!

Johnny: What's the difference?

Weeboo Kid: Ummm?

Johnny: Idiot.
#japan #glam metal #jrock #jmetal #rock
by Bill the Patgoat February 14, 2011
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