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Bag of weed costing $5. Short for "Nickel".
We had a dime last night, but we smoked it down to a nick.
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
Somewhat of a drunken man's mythological figure. From a sketch on Saturday Night Live. Usually comes up when you have a bunch of drunk guys gathered together in a parking lot... I observed this phenomenon first hand. Then they continue to quote Brasky's outrageous features and achievements.
We were standing around drunk and one guy said, "They used Bill Brasky's foreskin to cover Yankee Stadium when it started raining". And immediately there was a toast "TO BILL BRASKY!".
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
An obscured term for Marijuana. Most likely heard in the phrase, "You smoke dat wud wud?".
We going down town a smoking that wud wud!
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
Implement used for smoking weed, made from a common beverage can once empty. Employs the principle of a gravity bong. The top side is dented in to provide for a flat surface, with holes poked in it to allow smoke to enter into the can and be inhaled from the opening commonly used for drinking. Very easy to make and therefore there is no such thing as a good can... just bad ones and ones that work.
Why do we always have to smoke out of a can?
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005
Short for Captain Morgan's. Mostly reffering to the Captain's "Orginal Spiced Rum". 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). Not great on taste, better if you mix it with juice or coke. I'd suggest anybody to eat something with it when you drink it lest you get sick.
Me and Brother Brown split a bottle of Captain.
by Bill "Beefy" Jones January 08, 2006
A bag of weed costing $45 that some guys like to get cause they think it makes them cooler.
Get out your ligthers boys, we're gettin a 45.
by Bill "Beefy" Jones October 10, 2005

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