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A wiseass question, reply or a put down.
Oh you ate one,too
Jim: That hot dog tasted like shit.
Bill: OU812?
by Bill/K4FLH May 27, 2008
Used when referring to someone who is clueless,stupid, or just plain dumb.
Damn,that boy is as dumb as a box of rocks.
by Bill/K4FLH May 27, 2008
A play on the Hawaian language. Meaning getting no sex.
Billy is so horny,he's suffering from lack a nookie.
by Bill/K4FLH May 27, 2008
Play on Russian language. Meaning a venereal disease.(Rotchur cock off)
Mikey banged that slut Jessica(all the Jessicas please forgive me)and came down with that old Russian disease,Roger Cockov
by Bill/K4FLH May 27, 2008
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