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1. Tatoos
2. Often used as a synonym for tits.
"wow that girl is nasty, she has a tat on her tit, she must come from hartcliffe"
"Shit that girl has fucking large tats, there all saggy and sweaty"
by Bilbo Baggins January 06, 2005
Home to the utterly fabulous New Canaan Country School..... don’t worry that was a joke. They just think they’re cool because of those jackets saying “Mary, varsity everything because we can afford for private lessons in all sports ever created”. New Canaan is basically a civilization that thrives on Lacoste Polos and Lilly Pulitzer cocktail dresses. Throw in a couple bottles of really nice wine, probably from their privates vineyards in Napa Valley or something share of one valuing over $2 million dollars. Of course there is also the lovely town. Ah town, a peaceful place, except when all the Saxe kids and NCHS freshman get out and raid the streets, locating themselves mostly in front of Mackenzie’s. Chewing gum and drinking root beer, pay close attention to the root part, thinking 'wow we are bad, we just stole a gummi worm from the jar'. New Canaan mothers spend their mornings getting mani-pedis and the afternoons driving their children from one soccer team to another. A cocktail party and night then off to bed in their master bedroom the size of most apartments.
Fake, becuase they have all been botoxed.
by Bilbo Baggins April 07, 2005
chavs use this to say "this is very amusing/ delightable/ exsquisite/ great etc but instead use it to shit on the English language with e.g.
wo mate, fuckin.......er.......fuckin bosty as owt that is mate! fuckin........i wannit dickead that there is sum bosty as fuck shit!
by bilbo baggins March 13, 2005
a niose that manda makes wen she starts her period
snoiu im on!
by bilbo baggins August 12, 2003
means i am going now. cya in a moo
modified from the common sayinginnabit
im going fishing in the moo! this will be fun innamoo
by bilbo baggins March 13, 2005
Pazzan is not derogatory term. Pazzan is the term used for a being on a higher level. Pazzan can only be achieved through a lifetime of dedication, meditation...... in the moutains. There can be only One.
Person 1: I have spent many a morning praying to Pazzan himself to bless me with the powers of the Pazzan. However, I have only managed to attain the level of Dude. My friend, I don't think I will ever be able to reach that ultimate level of Pazzan. Pazzan will be so disappointed in me :-(
Person 2: Oh.....
by Bilbo Baggins February 02, 2004
a slang term used to describe an abundance of hot girls in one location.
jus bru, did you see all that skatter-ass at the mall.
by bilbo baggins October 01, 2003
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