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2 definitions by Bigupsidedowndaz

RBP, stands for really big poo.

when somebody uses the toilet and their poo is bigger than they thought, it is then classes as an RBP.
"Hey Johnny sorry i couldnt come to the phone earlier, i was having an RBP."

"wow, that poo i just had was an RBP!"
by Bigupsidedowndaz April 15, 2010
CPS, means a common pooping spot. A spot where there is lots of bird poo on the ground or even poo from other animals.
"i say tibby, there are lots of poopsies on the ground! this must be a common pooping spot?"

"ahh yes then it must indeed be a CPS, chuckle chuckle!"
by bigupsidedowndaz April 17, 2010