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The wonderfully heady "I think I'm in love" feeling experienced by the male when being seduced by a new female partner during which time the female cooks for him, does his laundry, and provides fellatio during sex, usually culminating in marriage and/or fatherhood, whereupon the true female erupts and the male finds he has been saddled with fatherhood and associated financial responsibility, long dry spells of no sex, and the rapid accumulation of enormous debt for which the female takes no responsibility (often resulting in, or generated by, separation or especially divorce).
As in: "Dude, look out! You're being sucked into the precuntal vortex!"
by BiggerD December 09, 2009
A malady common to carbon-based life forms, cranio-rectal intrusion is also known as having your "head up your ass." As the size of any bureaucracy or institution grows, an exponential increase in the number of cases of "cranio-rectal intrusion" will also occur.
With no repercussions ever being suffered for not following the very laws it institutes, the U.S. Congress continues to prove that the people of the U.S. are suffering from a level of apathy that can only be achieved by prolonged cranio-rectal intrusion.
by BiggerD October 11, 2010

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