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Pedophiles paradise with more than a hint of homosexuality. Their shower parties are legendary which they include big orgies of little boys performing anal sex ,oral sex, and hand jobs to all that are in need. I went there last year and they turned me gay. If you are homosexual, I would highly suggest McCallie in Chattanooga Tennessee. All the kids there look like Nazis because they all perform hitlers (verb, to Hitler someone; ie, smudge poop on their upper lip, creating the illusion of a Hitler-style moustache. Usually performed while the victim is sleeping.) on each other every morning. They are known for their chili, because they all have man boobs and chili dog each other. They are also known for their trombone ensemble, because they give each other rusty trombones on a daily basis (The act of performing anal cunnilingus while reaching up above the testicles to manually administer quick up and down motions to the penile shaft; resulting in a violent yet pleasant explosion. It is then customary for one of the males to then give a quick blow into the anus for good luck, the lips blowing into the anus sounds very similar to a trombones sweet melody. This was introduced to the Americas in the late 50's.)
Dont drop the soap at McCallie, because they penetrate each others brown starfishes with their extremly small wing wongs. (well you can if you are homosexual)
by Bigbluebuttplug May 06, 2005

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