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2 definitions by BigWebstar

Fangle dangle: Much like dinlge berrys, fangle dagles are a result of poor hygiene. Fangle dangles are dried up globs of seman caught on the hairs of the Muff region. These normally require a trim to remove or a complete shave.
Hey Cooma i knobbed this filthy slapper last night, she had a whole bunch of fangle dangles all up in that bitch.
by BigWebstar May 21, 2010
A fat chicks gut that resembles the hood of a hail damaged VW. Most commonly found on welfare bludgers that hit up to much KFC.
Fuck B Dizzel i picked up this red headed minga last night, her crumpet gut hung over her muff so far that i had to lift the basterd up just to get a look in.
by BigWebstar May 21, 2010