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Fat dickhead who's the prime minister of Britain who needs to be shot.
Hey, save some of Gordon Brown's flab for me!
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
A legit political party in the UK who are commonly seen by dickheads as racist and stupid - although that is far from the truth.

The BNP want a better Britain, that's all.

You guys rock.
Guy 1: Hey, all these pakis are taking over this country
Guy 2: Start voting in the BNP
Guy 1: Coolio :D
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
Collective term for fat, lazy, dumb, corrpupt bastards
Look at all those idiots standing over there, they look like such a Labour Party!
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007
An ass hole (usually Muslim) who gets a kick out of killing innocent people and blowing themselves up in a public place.
Hey, did you hear about that terrorist ass hole who blew himself up the other day?
by BigT 747 August 30, 2007

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