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A game where if you say the word "mine" after a question, you have to get down and do 10 push-ups. To get into the game of life you must shake a fellow members hand, and once you are in you can never get out.

**Orignated at Clarkstown South High School**
Guy: "That shirt looks nice on you, who's is it?"
Dude: "Oh thanks, its mine."
Guy: "HAHA ten push-ups, and that shirt looks terrible on you."
Dude: "Ugh but-"
Guy: "Get down, you shouldn't have shook Buddy's hand, you knew he was in The Game of Life."
by BigRedAl November 09, 2010
It is a term used to tell people not to be pussies and try that reef. A play on words of the famous song Don't Fear The Reaper by the Blue Oyster Cult.
Bud: Your hit.
Pussy: No I don't do that stuff, I'm good.
Bud: Dude, don't fear the reefer, just do it.
Pussy: Okay, since your calling me a pussy.
by BigRedAl January 07, 2011

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