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2 definitions by BigMac2009

A godly race of people. Show up early on or on time for every war. WON WORLD WAR II I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW!!!! Not all toffs and full on tories as stereotypically thought. The majority quite rightly detest the French. Owned a third of the world back in the day until the French decided to be a bit pussy leading us to have to sell off our empire. Have the most interesting history out of all world nations. Hate George Bush but love Obama. Memorably critices any government that happens to come to power. Best sense of humour. World's best slang. World's most famous sporting nation. Need I say more about the divinity of the British race?
e.g. 1
French person: (chatting in some shit language) Sacrebleux the British pigs

British person: Mate, we fucking bailed you out of world war II. You are an ungrateful cunt.

e.g. 2

Some random American prick (granted most Americans are decent people): We own at everything, the world is a douche.

British citizen: Showing up late for every war ... Need I digress?
by BigMac2009 July 13, 2009
Horrible British girl. Brought up with conservative values. Goes to an all girl convent school and thinks because of this they are better than everyone. Absolute slag - has sex with everything in sight. Shop at Waitrose (stupidly expensive British supermarket) and would rather go bankrupt than be seen elsewhere. Scum of the earth in my humble opinion.
Working class lad: Mate, you seen that convent girl?
Other working class lad: Another one of them slags is she?
by BigMac2009 July 13, 2009