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A real musician. Doesn't rap about sex, money, and All that boring stuff. Instead, he raps about life, his life growing up, his suffering, and does it all with a Cudder flow. He has many fans (like me) because they can relate to what he's saying in his songs. He actually got me into hip hop (the good hip hop).

The fact that Kid Cudi is in the mainstream is a great gift, considering most of it is filled with sell outs that don't deserve it. Whatever Cudi says hits hard, and I don't believe he's ever made a bad song.

Kid Cudi created his own genre. Want proof? Listen to every hip hop artist you know. Now listen to Cudi. It's so unique, it's got a sound only Cudi could make. Whether you're high or not, you will really enjoy his music, and I can't wait for his upcoming rock album coming out January 30th, and his Man on the Moon III album coming out this fall. I hope he continues to make music that touches his millions of fans.
Kid Cudi is a big inspiration in my life, and I can't wait for his rock album and Man on the Moon III. I'm sure they'll be awesome! Oh yeah and Kid Cudi=Hip Hop version of Jesus
by BigFanOfRealMusic January 02, 2012

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