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Rapper who put rap back in rap. Before 50 went underground with G-unit, we had to listen to Ja Rule and some chick, Nelly half-sing/half-rap, Will Smith, LL, and any other rapper who went mainstream. 50 took it back to the streets, and don't forget he doesn't condemn the people out there that bootleg his shit. Selling 1.1 mill in 4 days is enough, imagine if bootlegging was included? 50 has now become commercialized, the same thing happens to almost every rapper after signing with they major. When you get that "big" record deal you gotta do certain things to keep the hand that feeds you happy (See Snoop). It ain't about kissing ass it's about not being an idiot and f*ckin' your own self up. We all do it day by day in own lives. If you don't then check the definition of loser in the urban dictionary...your picture awaits.
50 cent before rap = hustling to stay ahead of the streets
50 cent after being shot = hustling mixtapes to the streets
50 cent after Shady/Aftermath deal = Hustling to "get rich"
50 cent after getting rich = doing what he needs to do stay rich.
by BigElito January 10, 2006

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