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A person who lives in a desert region of the Middle East. Not genetically related to the true gooks of Vietnam.
Ben Dover: Charles said we have to wipe the sand gooks off the face of the Earth or else be subjected to a forced conversion to Islam when the Muslims take over.
Phil McCrackin: When they take over what?
Ben: Our government, I guess.
Phil: Oh. So I suppose this takeover is starting with the strip malls down the street?
Ben: Well, Charles said you've got to start small in the jihad business and build slowly. I mean, the born-again Christians and the Mormons have done it, so why wouldn't the Muslims do the same?
by BigBootyHo December 07, 2007
Term, often used disparagingly, that refers to a type of rock music popular during the 1980s and early 1990s typified by band members (predominantly male) who wore makeup and tight leather or spandex pants, and used gratuitous amounts of hairspray in their overzealous 'dos. Responsible for the "power ballad" and music that promotes depravity and glorifies cheap, meaningless sex.
Winger fan: Dude, Kip Winger is the King of Buttrock.
Motley Crue fan: Go fuck yourself, there is no buttrock without the Crue!
Slayer fan: Your both fucking retarded. Buttrock sucks buffalo cock.
by BigBootyHo June 14, 2007
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