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When you go shopping at real stores to look for items that you will go home and download illegally.
Dewayne went to Best Buy to do some pirate shopping.
by BigBad May 22, 2007
Someone who tries to be controlling most of the time causing irritation, but inwardly desires to submit or to be dominated potentially causing silent misunderstanding. Their paradoxical emotions of submission and simultaneous resistance creating an enticing irritation.

Someone who can annoy you but you have a desire to keep around, causing an emotionally bittersweet mood.
The bitch really liked it when he took charge, but made sure to let him know when he was doing something wrong.

Your such a bitch when you whine, just shut the fuck up.

I'm not a bitch, Ill shut the fuck up when you make me.
by BigBaD February 18, 2013

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