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1.If someone shoots a basketball and the shots doesn't go in.

2. Someone that can't shoot.
1. (Person shoots and airballs it) "NO J!)

2. Man, you have NO J!
by BIG TIME May 20, 2004
A scale of women from 1-10 based on precise measurements of alcohol.

Something drunk guys use to determine who they can sleep with.
Damn Smitty, I bet she's a 5 sober, but the beer scale easily bumps her up to an 8.
by Big Time April 04, 2005
A person who is both smooth and awesome at life.
Dude you roll high w/those ladies. You are a Bammes.
by Big Time April 01, 2005
When you are banging a chick from behind and you pull her eyes back to make her look Japanese. You finish with pouring a glass of water over her head and yelling Godzilla
Nate's girl talked back to him so he gave her a Japanese firefighter later that night during "special time".
#godzilla #japanese #revenge sex #pokemon #nate davidson
by Big time November 15, 2013
The term "jewce" has gone through an evolutionary journey of spellings, meanings, and phonetics. Originally spelled like the liquid "Juice", but was transformed to what we now know because of Hebrew lifestyles. The term is directed at either an individual and or group of females with easy virtues and kosher diets.
Hayden ate Jewce's box.
by big time September 12, 2004
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