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30 definitions by Big Tim

the part of center moriches which doesnt have anything.

the part of center moriches north of the railroad tracks
god man you live in the dez that sucks.

i gotta get out of the fuckin dez.
by big tim August 24, 2004
a tall skinny kid with poor cordination and usually runs track.

greg braidy.
god taylor, jimmy, steve fournier, and chirs pool are all such goatnecks
by big tim August 24, 2004
a name given to black people during the 1950s-60s
Beat it spook this dont concern you..........who you calling spook peckerwood.
by big tim May 31, 2005
The only way to settle a dispute before resorting to violence.
Dude: "Shotgun!"
Buddy: "Challenge!"
Both: "One two three.."
Buddy: "Fuckin hell!"
Dude: "Hahaha, you're sittin' bitch"
by Big Tim November 14, 2003
See above, other synonyms include:
Pattack (Penis attack)
Nut tap

Getting nailed in the junk. Ow.
see above
by Big Tim November 14, 2003
Any cheap 40 or 22 oz of malt liquor, not particulary known for the taist but rather to get drunk as fuck. Preferably St Ides or Colt 45.
Danny drinks the rot gut because he wants to get fucked up

You guys dont drink that rot gut for the taist! you drink it to get drunk!!!
by big tim June 06, 2005
also, verb: (usually in past tense) to be made a fool of.
Dude, that fool walked out after me and I chumped him.

I got chumped into giving that bitch everything.
by Big Tim July 18, 2004