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A term used between men to state they would like to have sex with a girl if they could.
Buck: "Look at the nice round ass on that skank."

Big Papi: "Oh yeah! I'd pee in her butt."
by Big Papi November 07, 2006
Man code, to ask the question "would you have sex with her"? Typically used in a hypothetical setting, as a female walks by or is nearby.
Guy #1: (elbows guy next to him) "Hey man, wouldya?"
Guy #2: "Not even with your dick!"
by Big Papi October 02, 2008
Short for "I would fuck her". The yes response to wouldya.
Guy #1: Hey, look at the chick at the table over there on the right. Wouldya?

Guy #2: Yeah, I would.
by Big Papi February 02, 2009
A female in the Navy, most likely below average looking but since she's outnumbered 5 to 1 by men, she gets lots of male attention and puts out to the highest bidder.
If a man asks for your phone number, and you give him a J-dial, you might be a boat ho.
by Big Papi November 07, 2006
When selecting a toilet to use, it is man rule not to use the middle stall and respect your fellow shitter's space. Violation of this rule, especially when other stalls are available, means you love the cock.
Guy #1: Dude, that chinese buffet went right through me. I gotta drop off the kids.

Guy #2: Looks like you're gonna have to wait. The end toilets are taken and all that's left is the gay stall.

Guy #1: FUCK THAT! I'll sneak into the ladies' room.
by Big Papi January 16, 2011
When a white woman has has been previously fucked by a black man. In other words, she is now tainted for life.
Guy #1: Look at that chick over there. Would ya?

Guy #2: Oh hell no! (just like the chorus to the song, he goes) DUM DUM TAINTED LOVE!

Guy #1: I SHOULDA KNEW IT when I saw she had a fat ass and paid for her generic menthols with food stamps! I hate that shit! Why is it okay for black men to do white chicks but them people go all crazy when we do black chicks?

Guy #2: That's affirmative action, dude.

Black man passing by: Who you be callin' "them people"?

(both guys 1 and 2 roll their eyes and walk away)
by Big Papi August 22, 2008

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