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To go somewhere with your wife.
Joe: What are you doing this weekend?
Tom: Oh, I'm going to wife it over to Colorado to take her skiing.
Joe: That's cool. I wifed it down to Mexico last weekend.
by Big Man Mac January 20, 2008
To do anything on a computer.
I computized my essay yesterday.
I like to computize with my friends.
I computized a product from Best Buy, and now it will be shipped to my home.
by Big Man Mac March 16, 2008
an ass, place where you shit; comes from the hard decision of choosing the right or left cheek
I see your split decision.
by Big Man Mac February 01, 2008
synonym for a penis, dick, cock, schlong, or the male reproductive organs
Can I play with your dokey?
by Big Man Mac February 01, 2008
ass, place of shitting; names comes from what makes it home in the tank, butt
I have to empty my tank full of sewage
by Big Man Mac February 01, 2008

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