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When the ash on a joint, cigarette, blunt, or cigar gets very long. It usually curves downward and grows until it no longer can hold on.
-Check out the huge wizard finger on this blunt.

-Last night Elliott had the biggest wizard finger going!
#joint #blunt #cigarette #cigar #jay #spliff #ash
by Big Lou 53 May 27, 2009
When you are smoking out of a pipe, bong, bubbler or your price of choice, and the weed in the bowl has been fully smoked and only ash remains. This is a pooed bowl. It can also be used as a verb, in the act of poling a bowl.
(adjective). "Man, this bowl is totally pooed".

"This is such a pooed bowl, it tastes nasty".
(verb). "Lets poo this bowl and pack another fresh one".

"Hey guys, if Bill falls asleep let's poo bowls on his neck".
#bowl #ash #pooched #bong #pipe #bubbler #weed #dope #pot
by Big Lou 53 May 27, 2009
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