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When two very tanned naked men oil themselves with olive oil then scissor their groins together. This phrase also can be used to imply that a man engages in interesting homosexual love making techniques.
I'm not totally sure but I think Paul and Eric like the warm moroccan salad.

Dude, I'd totally enjoy a warm moroccan salad with that guy.
by Big Larry Givens February 19, 2011
1. Mindlessly playing with ones ball sack while doing something else, such as watching TV. Usually done when the scrotum is warm and pliable. Not so much a sexual move as much as something done from boredom.

2. Masturbating in such a furious and severe manner that it looks like a Russian house wife making bread. Due to the severeness the sounds can be very similar to kneading bread.
1. Jada yet again caught Jordan "kneading the dough" as he watched Captiain American for the 8th time.

2. The guy with the sprite drinks pretended to read the papers but was secretly staring at the cashiers butts as he was "kneading the dough".
by Big Larry givens January 10, 2012

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