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1. A flexible rubber apparatus used as a reservoir for fluids used to clean the female vagina (see also poontang, quim, etc.) on an unnecessary basis.

2. A conceited male fantasist possessing scant regard for the opinions of others and possessed of a remarkable degree of economy with the truth. Probably thinks he is the shizzler. May be alone in this opinion.
I need a douche 'coz I have a smelly cunt.

I'm a sexually repressed Catholic so I would like a nice douche. May I please borrow your douche bag?

He pretended to graduate from VMI when he is really a Cal U alum. What a douche bag.

Only douches take shop. Only douche bags teach it.

That fucker says he had a Porsche when it was only a kit car. Fucking douche.

Fucking douche bag forgot his own daughter's name and tried hitting on some teenybopper. Turd. No grip on reality. What a fucking douche bag.
by Big Gwynnie March 24, 2010
Virginia Metalwork Institute. A school for cadets who didn't make it into West Point. Produces an unusually high number of fail-outs who may go on to long and prosperous careers as shop teachers, metal workers, and faggots.
Dude, that gut has a VMI sticker on his Kia. I bet he is a retired shop teacher. What a douche bag.
by Big Gwynnie March 24, 2010

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